Second Chance Jobs for Felons, Philadelphia, PA

About Second Chance Jobs For Felons

Second Chance Jobs for Felons was started in 2016 to help the 650,000 returning citizens released from prisons and jails each year achieve success through jobs, education, and support. Like our audience, we too are returning citizens so we have experienced the struggles of finding a job first hand and battling the obstacles that individuals with criminal records face on a daily basis.

We started Second Chance Jobs for Felons out of the growing need for a solution to tackle recidivism in communities across the globe. We set out to build a set of tools that not only focus on finding employment opportunities, but to help with the everyday needs of returning citizens from support to education. Your success lies in having easy access to the tools you need to accomplish your goals. Whether that is resume assistance, interview preparation, skills training, or guidance on restoring your civil rights or finding an attorney to assist you with cleaning up your criminal record.

Your job search has never been easier with our first-of-its-kind search tool built specifically for you. You save time and frustration in your job search by not having to read hundreds of postings just to find the one that doesn't hire returning citizens. We take the legwork out for you. You will have access to millions of jobs, updated hourly, from across the United States.

At Second Chance Jobs for Felons you will not find some big, faceless corporation or executives. You will find real people, like yourself, ready to help you as an individual.

Is It Really Free? What's The Catch?

There is no catch. Yes, you can use all the features of Second Chance Jobs for Felons for FREE! You don't even have to signup unless you want to save jobs or have search results emailed to you daily.

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