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The first step to becoming a truck driver is obtaining your CDL. While many states do not require you to attend a truck driving school for training, it is highly recommended. CDL training is difficult and having someone familiar with the process in your state train you is extremely helpful. With a good CDL training program you will be prepared for both the written and driving portions of the test.

Can I Get A CDL With A Felony?

In most cases the answer is yes. There are some circumstances, depending on the type of conviction, where you may be disqualified. Our article on getting a CDL with a felony can provide more information:

Can I Get A CDL With A Felony

Types of Truck Driving Schools

There are two types of truck driving schools:

  • Independent - Independent truck driving schools are in most every state. They have no affiliation with a specific trucking company, although they may have relationships with them to hire students upon successful completion of the truck driving school. With independent truck driving schools you will most likely be responsible for the costs associated with the class which can be several thousand dollars in some instances. Some schools offer financial aid and scholarships, and you may be eligible for grants. You should check with the school prior to enrolling to see what your options are.
  • Company Sponsored - Unlike independent truck driving schools, company-sponsored schools are tied directly to an individual company. Admittance to the school is like be hired by the company (assuming you successfully complete the program). With a company sponsored truck driving school you most likely will not responsible for the costs of the program. However, you will likely have to commit to working for the company for a minimum period of time upon completion. You also don't have to worry about finding a job upon completion of the program and can start work almost immediately. If you are looking for company sponsored truck driving schools see our separate listing: Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Choosing A Truck Driving School

Deciding which truck driving school or CDL training program to attend is like choosing any other school. You will want to base your decision on several criteria. Unless you absolutely have to, do not base your decision solely because the school is closest to you. Things to consider when evaluating a truck driving school or CDL training program include:

  • Is the school registered with the state?
  • Current and previous student reviews
  • Call to speak with them. How do they treat you? Do they seem geniue and answer your questions thoroughly?
  • Is the program an independent or company sponsored program? One major advantage of company sponsored programs is that you will not have to look for a job upon successful completion of the program.
  • Cost - what's the cost of the program? Do they offer financial aid or payment plans? Are scholarships or grants available?
  • Location - if you are attending an independent school, and in some cases company sponsored schools, you may be required to pay for lodging so this is something to consider.

Below you will find links to truck driving schools and CDL training programs in your state. The programs listed there are for independent truck driving schools. If you are looking for company sponsored truck driving schools see our separate listing:

Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Finding a job as a truck driver with a felony is difficult, but not impossible. In fact, many trucking companies will hire individuals with felony convictions. In most cases the decision is on a case-by-case basis. Trucking companies will base their decision on nature of the offense and time since conviction among other things. It is best to speak with each company individually. Most often you will have to submit an application (be completely honest) and have a background check completed in order for the company to give you a specific answer. Trucking companies are federally regulated so often times there may be additional regulations impacting your ability to get a job. You can find a list of trucking companies that hire felons here:

Trucking companies that hire felons

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