Roadmaster Drivers School

4219 Fritch Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18020
PHONE: (610) 365-1037
WEBSITE: Roadmaster Drivers School


Roadmaster's comprehensive Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Program gives students the necessary skills to begin driving a truck professionally. Our expert instructors provide both the hands-on training and the CDL knowledge needed to properly and safely operate a truck, and our Job Placement Assistance Program helps many students secure work before they even graduate, depending on graduation, of course.

 As a Roadmaster student, your training will include:

  • Hands-on time driving a truck, both at our practice facility and on the road
  • Map reading, trip planning and compliance with Department of Transportation laws
  • Backing, turning and hooking/unhooking a trailer
  • Advanced truck driving techniques such as skid avoidance and recovery
  • Other emergency actions for special situations such as a break away trailer or hydroplaning
  • Plus more of the skills and techniques you'll need as a professional truck driver 

Admission Policy

Contact school for more information.