Truck Driving Schools in Rhode Island

Below you will find a listing of independent CDL training programs and truck driving schools in Rhode Island. Please note that we do not have any affiliation with the schools's listed here, and cannot guarantee your acceptance and/or that they currently have any openings or are accepting applications. It is up to you to contact the school for further details.

If you are looking for company sponsored truck driving schools see our list here:

Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Can I Get A CDL With A Felony?

In most cases the answer is yes. There are some circumstances, depending on the type of conviction, where you may be disqualified. Our article on getting a CDL with a felony can provide more information:

Can I Get A CDL With A Felony

Independent Truck Driving Schools & CDL Training Programs

School Name City/State View
NETTTS Tractor Trailer Training SchoolPawtucket, RI

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