Can felons vote in Alabama

Can Felons Vote in Alabama

Below you will find information on voting rights for felons in Alabama. Where possible we have tried to simplify the answer as much as possible for you and give you the most direct answer of whether felons can vote in Alabama.

You will also find links to Alabama state operated websites for additional information, and links to information on restoring your right to vote in Alabama.

  • You can vote in Alabama regardless of the type or number of misdemeanors you were convicted of. If you are currently incarcerated you may vote by absentee ballot.
  • Depending on the type of felony you were convicted of you may either have never lost your right to vote OR you may have to apply to have your voting rights restored.
    • Never lost your right to vote:
      • doing business without a license
      • driving under the influence
      • possession of any drugs or controlled substance
      • simple assault and violation of liquor laws
      • aiding/permitting/facilitating a prisoner to escape
    • If you were convicted of a felony other than the ones listed above you must apply to have your right to vote restored
    • If you were convicted of one of the following felonies you must apply for a pardon:
      • enticing a child to enter a vehicle for immoral purposes
      • impeachment
      • incest
      • murder
      • parents/guardians permitting child to engage in obscene matter
      • possession with intent to distribute child pornography
      • production or possession of obscene matter
      • rape
      • sexual abuse
      • sexual torture
      • sodomy
      • soliciting a child by computer
      • treason
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