Can felons vote in Iowa

Can Felons Vote in Iowa

Below you will find information on voting rights for felons in Iowa. Where possible we have tried to simplify the answer as much as possible for you and give you the most direct answer of whether felons can vote in Iowa.

You will also find links to Iowa state operated websites for additional information, and links to information on restoring your right to vote in Iowa.

  • On Jan. 14, 2011, the Republican Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, issued executive order 70, rescinding a law allowing people convicted of a felony to automatically have their ability to vote restored after completing their sentences. The automatic voting restoration law had been instituted by former Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack’s signing of executive order 42 in 2005. Felons in Iowa must now pay all outstanding monetary obligations to the court in addition to completing their sentence and period of parole or probation. People convicted of a felony may then apply for restoration of the ability to vote.
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