2018 List of Companies that Hire Felons

Over 275 felony friendly companies in the United States.

Are you an ex-offender searching for companies that hire felons? If you have a criminal record you know firsthand just how difficult it can be to find a job. However, there are many companies willing to hire ex-offenders, you just need to know where to look. It would be easy if there was a list of companies that hire felons that you could refer to during your job search.

The good news is that there are lists of companies that hire felons (hint: we have one below)! But, before you get too excited, it is important to understand how these lists are created and, most importantly, how they should be used.

The biggest misunderstanding is that just because a company is listed they will hire you or any other convicted felons. While these companies have previously hired individuals with felony or misdemeanor convictions, their inclusion on these lists does not mean they will hire you. Every company considers many factors during the hiring process and your criminal record may or may not be a part of that hiring decision. Unfortunately, when ex-offenders are turned away their first response is simply that the company does not hire felons. This is not always an accurate statement. When reviewing criminal records, companies consider the type of crime, the time since the crime and the time since your release, what you have done since your release, and how your conviction(s) may or may not relate to your ability to perform the job for which you are applying.

With this in mind, the companies listed below have all previously hired individuals with felony convictions. Many of these companies offer a wide array of jobs requiring a varying array of skills giving ex-offenders the greatest chance of getting hired. Some of these companies have also publicly committed to hiring returning citizens.

You can use this list as a good starting point, but it should not be your only job search tool. You can use our felony friendly job search to search for even more jobs for felons. When you apply for a job you should consider the position and how your conviction may or may not impact your ability to perform the job. For example, if you have convictions involving theft or fraud, you will probably have a low chance of getting hired by a bank.

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Companies that Hire Felons

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