Expungement lawyers in Colorado

Expungement Attorneys in Colorado

Expungement in Colorado

In Colorado only juvenile criminal records may be expunged. For adults, Colorado law allows them to have their records sealed, but not completely expunged.

For juveniles you can have your record expunged if:

  • You were acquitted of the charge(s)
  • You went through a diversion program
  • Have had no other criminal offenses

Juveniles are not eligible if they have violent or aggravated criminal offenses.

As we said, adults in Colorado are not eligible for expungement, but can have their records sealed. You are eligible if you were not convicted of the crime. For example, if the charges were dismissed or never filed. If the charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement there is a ten (10) year waiting period before you can petition to have your criminal record sealed. In addition some controlled substances convictions can be sealed as well after ten (10) years. Records related to driving under the influence cannot be sealed.

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