Expungement lawyers in Kansas

Expungement Attorneys in Kansas

Expungement in Kansas

Kansas, like many other states, does not destroy your criminal record if you are granted an expungement. Instead they remove the record from being accessible to the general public. If your petition for expungement is granted you are also entitled to answer “no” to any questions regarding if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime.

In Kansas, in most cases, you are eligible for expungement if you were arrested and not convicted, or you were convicted of a misdemeanor or low-level felony. In addtion, you may be eligible as well if:

  • You have a juvenile criminal history and have reached the age of 23 or once two (2) years has elapsed since the final discharge of your case. Juvenile records involving serious crimes such as murder are not eligible for expungement;
  • You were arrested or charged, but not convicted;
  • You were convicted of a misdemeanor or minor felony such as forgery or perjury. You must wait three (3) years from the date of the final resolution of your case, including any sentence or probation. If you were convicted of a more serious felony you must wait at least five (5) years after final resolution. If you were convicted of extremely serious felonies such as rape or murder you are not eligible for expungement in Kansas.

Unfortunately we do not have any expungement or post-conviction relief attorneys listed for Kansas. If you know of an attorney that serves Kansas please contact us.