Expungement lawyers in Maryland

Expungement Attorneys in Maryland

Expungement in Maryland

Maryland’s expungement law is similar to other states, in that, your criminal records are not destroyed, however, they are hidden from the public. This relieves you of having your record show in background for most employers, and you can now legally answer “no” or refuse to answer questions regarding your background.

You are eligible to petition for expungement in Maryland if you were arrested, but not convicted. There is a three (3) year waiting period from final disposition before you can file your petition, although this the exact length of the waiting period can depend on how your case was concluded. Some petitioners are eligible to file early if they can show cause for why the waiting period should be waived. If you were found guilty of some nuisance crimes (i.e. panhandling, loitering) or you received an unconditional Governor’s pardon for one non-violent crime, you may also be eligible.

For juveniles in Maryland, your records are routinely sealed, so you do not need to petition for expungement unless your case was initially handled in another court.

Maryland’s expungement laws do not cover civil proceedings such as domestic violence or protective orders, although you can sometimes get these types of records sealed.

In addition to the attorneys below, you can also check out this free service provided by the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. This is a Do-It-Yourself site that guides you through the appropriate forms. You must still pay any applicable court filing fees, but for simpler cases this can be an easy and cost-effective solution. We still highly encourage you to speak with an attorney regarding your specific legal situation. 

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Unfortunately we do not have any expungement or post-conviction relief attorneys listed for Maryland. If you know of an attorney that serves Maryland please contact us.