Expungement lawyers in Massachusetts

Expungement Attorneys in Massachusetts

Expungement in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law allows for both record sealing and expungement. However, expungement is only available when one rare condition exists. That condition is only when you are victim of mistaken identity or identity theft. If you do not meet this criteria you are left only having your criminal record sealed.

Sealing your record removes it from public view, meaning that it will not show up on most routine background checks. You are eligible immediately to have your record sealed if you were cleared of the crime. If you were convicted of some crimes there are various waiting periods before you can file.

If your case was dismissed or you were acquitted you can petition to have your record sealed immediately. You can also petition immediately for first-time drug possession convictions. If your case was dismissed after you completed probation you can file once your probation is completed. Otherwise most misdemeanor convictions have a five (5) year waiting period. A felony requires a ten (10) year waiting period. If you were convicted as a juvenile you must wait three (3) years from the time of your last conviction. Crimes involving firearms or registration as a sex offender can not be sealed.

Unfortunately we do not have any expungement or post-conviction relief attorneys listed for Massachusetts. If you know of an attorney that serves Massachusetts please contact us.