Expungement lawyers in Michigan

Expungement Attorneys in Michigan

Expungement in Michigan

Under Michigan law you can have only one conviction expunged, or “set aside” as it is referred to in Michigan, so that it will no longer appear in background checks.  As such, Michigan sets strict restrictions for who can have their record expunged. You are not eligible if:

  • the maximum sentence for your crime was life in prison, regardless of whether you received a lesser sentence;
  • you were convicted of committing or attempting to commit a sex crime;
  • your conviction was traffic related;
  • you have other convictions (you can have up to two minor offenses) on your record.

Michigan also imposes a waiting period of five (5) years after your conviction or your release from prison before you are eligible for expungement. As we said above, if you are granted an expungement, or set aside, you are not eligible for another one in the future.

If you are a juvenile you may have your adjudication set aside if you have three (3) or fewer juvenile offenses on your record and no felony convictions.

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