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Expungement Attorneys in Mississippi

Expungement in Mississippi

Although Mississippi has strict requirements for expungement, if you are successful in your petition for an expunction, you can lawfully answer “no” to any questions regarding your arrest or conviction history to private employers, schools, or rental applications. And while your criminal record is not completely destroyed in Mississippi, it can no longer be viewed by the general public. Note that if you are applying for the military, a professional license, or for a law enforcement position, you must still disclose your criminal record, but you can state that an expunction was granted.

Mississippi allows first-time offenders of most misdemeanors to petition for expungement, except in the case of intoxicated driving offenses. Misdemeanor arrests for drunk driving or other misdemeanor charges may only be expunged if the charges were dismissed or there was no disposition. Misdemeanor offenses that may be expunged include drug possession, simple assault, resisting arrest, shoplifting, and disturbing the peace. Misdemeanor crimes involving crimes against persons or property or drug trafficking offenses are not eligible for expungement.

Mississippi only allow for six (6) types of felony offenses to be expunged:

  • possession of controlled substances;
  • larceny;
  • bad check offenses;
  • false pretenses;
  • shoplifting;
  • malicious mischief.

Like many other states Mississippi does not allow you expunge a criminal record with multiple convictions.

Even if you don’t qualify for expungement, you still may be eligible to apply for a pardon. To be eligible for a pardon at least seven (7) years must have passed since the completion of your sentence and you have published in a newspaper for 30-days a notice of your application with the reasons why a pardon should be granted.

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