Expungement lawyers in Missouri

Expungement Attorneys in Missouri

Expungement in Missouri

For the most part, Missouri does not allow for expungements of your criminal record. There are exceptions to this though.  If your case involved any of the following you may be eligible for an expungement:

  • trespassing in the first degree (Purple Paint Law)
  • passing a bad check
  • misdemeanor disturbing the peace
  • negligent burning or explosion
  • tampering with the property of another
  • gambling
  • drunkenness or drinking in certain places
  • stopping payment on a check fraudulently, fraudulent use of credit or debit instrument
  • misdemeanor prostitution
  • DUI older than ten (10) years
  • juvenile alcohol related offenses
  • if your arrest was based on false information

Missouri does allow for record closure, essentially sealing your record from the public.

If you have a misdemeanor or violation and the case was dismissed, dropped or revised charges, you are eligible for a record closure. You are also eligible for record closure if you were found not guilty or your sentence was suspended. In cases where you are found guilty by reason of mental illness or defect your records should be closed automatically. In all cases you must have completed all conditions of your sentence including any parole or probation.

You are NOT eligible for record closure if:

  • you have an alcohol related driving offense and a commercial driver license or have prior convictions of such offense;
  • you have prior felony conviction
  • you have sex offense conviction
  • you are a registered sex offender
  • you have been convicted of other violation offenses and misdemeanors five (5) years prior to your petition

You also may not have any pending proceedings against you in order to be eligible.

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