Expungement lawyers in Nevada

Expungement Attorneys in Nevada

Expungement in Nevada

Nevada does not have a process for expungement of your criminal records. However, the state does allow you to have your criminal record sealed in some instances. With record sealing your record will no longer be available to the general public. In Nevada, the State Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission may inquire and inspect sealed records if you apply for a state gaming license or work in the gaming industry.

You are not eligible for record sealing if you have serious felonies, sexual offenses against children, murder, false imprisonment, pandering, prostitution, or kidnapping. Also, if your offense involved gun violence you are not eligible for record sealing.

To be eligible for record sealing in Nevada you must not have any currently pending charges and your case must either have been dismissed or you were acquitted. You also cannot have been convicted of another crime while waiting for your record to be sealed. You must also have completed any probation or other sentence requirements. Minor traffic violations cannot be sealed.

There are waiting periods to apply to have your records sealed. The length of time varies depending on the seriousness of the offense. If you were not charged with an offense, or are waiting for a conviction, you must wait until the court stipulates when and if you can apply. If you were arrested, but the charges were later dropped or you were acquitted you may have your records sealed.

If you are juvenile you are eligible to have your record sealed when you reach the age of twenty-one (21). However, if you would have been charged with what would be a felony offense if you had been adult you may not petition for record sealing until the age of thirty (30). These felonies include sexual assault, threatening by force or violence, battery with the intent to commit sexual assault, and lewdness involving a child. You are only eligible for sealing if no further charges exist, except traffic violations, when you reach the age of twenty-one (21).

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