Expungement lawyers in North Dakota

Expungement Attorneys in North Dakota

Expungement in North Dakota

North Dakota, like other states, does not fully destroy your criminal record when it is expunged. Your identifying information, including DNA, are removed from North Dakota’s database if you are granted an expungement, however if you are running for public office, applying for a law enforcement position, or the military, these records may still be accessed.

North Dakota does not allow any adult convictions to be expunged, and very few criminal offenses are eligible. Juveniles may have their delinquency records expunged ten (10) years after they have been adjudicated. You may also expunge your record one year from the time you turn 18 and if you have been released from court supervision.

If your case was dismissed or reversed, you are eligible to have your DNA samples and records expunged as well. For first-time offenses involving less than one (1) ounce of marijuana, provided you have no other offenses for two (2) years since the conviction, you can petition for expungement.

If it was determined your arrest violated your constitutional rights and you were not subsequently convicted, the court may order the expungement of your record on its own.

To have your DNA records expunged from the state database, you must have only been convicted of a misdemeanor, not charged with a felony within one (1) year, and your case was dismissed, reversed, or you were acquitted.

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