Expungement lawyers in Ohio

Expungement Attorneys in Ohio

Expungement in Ohio

In Ohio, once your criminal record is expunged, it will no longer be visible to the general public and through routine background checks. It would still be available for law enforcement agencies, employers of medical care providers, and employers who provide care to minors.

To be eligible for expungement in Ohio you must meet all the conditions described in Section 2953 of the Ohio Revised Code, including:

  • the conviction you are trying to expunge is not one of the crimes precluded by law;
  • you were not subject to a mandatory prison term for the conviction (if you were sentenced to prison, but were eligible for community control/probation, you may still qualify)
  • you have any of the following convictions or combination of convictions: one misdemeanor; one felony; two misdemeanor convictions; one misdemeanor and one felony conviction. In cases where there are 2 or 3 convictions from the same case it is only considered one conviction under the expungement statute. Minor misdemeanor, including most traffic offenses, do not count.
  • the statutory waiting period has passed for the conviction you seek to expunge
  • you have no current criminal charges pending against you.

If you are trying to have a misdemeanor expunged there is a one (1) year waiting period following final resolution before you are eligible. For felonies there is a three (3) year waiting period. Juveniles can have their records sealed after two (2) years from final discharge and expunged any time after they are sealed. For juveniles, expungement is automatic when you turn 23 or five (5) years have passed after the incident, whichever comes first.

If you were charged but the case was dismissed or a court or jury found you not guilty, you can have the records of your charges expunged and sealed.

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