Expungement lawyers in Pennsylvania

Expungement Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Expungement in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania allows certain criminal records to be expunged, or sealed from the general public, including potential employers. In most cases it also gives you the ability to legally answer “no” to questions regarding arrests or convictions.

In Pennsylvania you can have summary offenses, defined as minor crimes tried by a judge only such as traffic tickets and contempt of court, expunged. However, you can only have a summary offense expunged if you pled guilty, had the citation dismissed, and completed an Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition or had the court order your conviction expunged. You also must have satisfied all terms and conditions of your sentence and not have been arrested or convicted for five (5) years following your disposition to qualify for expungement of summary offenses.

Pennsylvania is also unique in that the state allows you to qualify for expungement when you reach age 70 and if you have not been arrested or prosecuted for ten (10) years following your release from incarceration.

If you committed a second degree misdemeanor while you were under the age of 25 and have no record of arrest or convictions for seven (7) to ten (10) years you may also qualify for expungement in Pennsylvania. Third degree misdemeanors may also be eligible so long as you did not have any arrests or prosecutions during this period.

You do not qualify for expungement if you have any of the follow misdemeanor offenses: second-degree assault, any crime involving use of a firearm, sex offenses, retaliation against a witness or victim, cruelty to animals or impersonating a public official.

In Pennsylvania if you are a convicted felon or have an offense that is not eligible for expungement, you may still apply for a pardon, which, if granted, allows you to state that you have never been convicted of a crime.

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