Expungement lawyers in Rhode Island

Expungement Attorneys in Rhode Island

Expungement in Rhode Island

Rhode Island allows for first-time offenders, not convicted of violent crimes, and who have met a minimum waiting period to apply for expungement. With expungement your criminal record is no longer available to the general public. In most cases you can legally answer “no” to questions regarding your previous arrest or conviction history.

If your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, you can and should also file a motion to have your records expunged. Just because your case was dismissed, or “no information or “no true bill”, or you were found not guilty, does not mean your record will be sealed automatically.

Rhode Island only allows individuals with no prior felony convictions to apply for expungement or sealing. You also may not seek expungement in Rhode Island for crimes of violence, including murder, robbery, sexual assault, child molestation, kidnapping, and larceny.

You must wait a minimum required period before you are eligible for expungement in Rhode Island. The waiting time varies depending on the crime:

  • Misdemeanors have a five (5) year waiting period from the date your sentence was completed, including any probation.
  • Felonies have a ten (10) year waiting period from the date of successful completion of your sentence, including any parole or probation.
  • Domestic violence crimes must wait three (3) years.
  • Deferred sentences where you pleaded guilty or nolo contendere must wait five (5) years, so long as no additional charges are filed.

Unfortunately we do not have any expungement or post-conviction relief attorneys listed for Rhode Island. If you know of an attorney that serves Rhode Island please contact us.