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Expungement Attorneys in Washington

Expungement in Washington State

The State of Washington makes it possible to have your records expunged, eliminating your criminal record from government and background-check databases. In Washington State you are eligible for expungement if you were arrested, but not convicted of a crime. In Washington there are two options that may be available to you depending on your charges and disposition. If your record is sealed, it means that it is permanently closed from being accessed by the public. If your record is vacated, it means that the court has withdrawn your previous guilty pleas and your conviction has been reversed or dismissed. In expungement, the record is completely removed from the public record.

For juveniles, records of a deferred disposition can be sealed upon request within thirty (30) days of the juvenile turning eighteen (18) years of age, provided no other criminal charges are pending. If your juvenile record consists solely of referrals for disposition, you are eligible to request an order to destroy your records when you reach twenty-three (23) years of age, provided no other criminal charges are pending. Juvenile records involving sex offenses cannot be sealed. It is important to note that your sealing order is voided if you are charged with any subsequent juvenile or adult criminal offenses.

To be eligible for expungement in Washington as an adult, you must not have pled guilty or been found guilty of the crime for which you are petitioning for expungement. In addition, you must not have any pending charges in any court, and three (3) years must have passed since your arrest or the date the case filed. If your case was dismissed, or you were acquitted, you may be eligible after two (2) years.

If you are not eligible for expungement in Washington state you may still be eligible to have your record vacated. Your record may then be sealed after it is vacated. To be eligible to have your record vacated you cannot have any violent misdemeanors or sex offenses, and you cannot have had a previous record vacated. Also, driving while intoxicated offenses are not eligible. To be eligible you can not have had a restraining order against you in the past five (5) years. For felonies, only Class B or Class C adult felonies can be vacated after final discharge, provided you fulfilled a waiting period and have no other convictions.

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