Expungement lawyers in Wisconsin

Expungement Attorneys in Wisconsin

Expungement in Wisconsin

Like many other states, Wisconsin does not destroy criminal records when they are expunged, even though the law refers to the process as expungement. However, just because your records are not destroyed does not mean there is not relief. Like other states, Wisconsin seals your records from the general public if your motion for expungement is granted.

If you were arrested, but not convicted, of a crime, it may be possible for you to have some, or all, of your arrest record expunged.

Wisconsin is different in that if the court does agree to expunge your record, you are NOT relieved of your obligation to disclose, even on job applications, that you were convicted of a crime. You can, however, state that the conviction was expunged.

If you were under the age of twenty-five and meet these requirements you may also be eligible to have your record expunged:

  • The prison time associated with your crime does not exceed six (6) years.
  • The court believes that an expungement is in your best interest and that the public will not be harmed by granting it.
  • Your crime was a Class H or Class I felony, was not a violent offense, and you have no other felonies on your record.

If you were acquitted or the charges were dropped you can request to have your arrest records removed and your fingerprint card returned to you.

Attorneys in Wisconsin

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