Expungement lawyers in Wyoming

Expungement Attorneys in Wyoming

Expungement in Wyoming

The process of expungement typically refers to the destruction of your criminal records. However, most states now do not differentiate between expungement and sealing, and in most cases your record is simply sealed from public access. Just because you are eligible to file for expungement does not mean that it will be granted.

In Wyoming, adults are eligible to expunge your criminal record if you were not convicted, including pleading guilty to any lesser or different charge arising from the same incident, or if your charges were dismissed or never filed. There is a waiting period of 180 days from the date of your arrest or the date the charges were dismissed before you are eligible to file for expungement.

Wyoming only allows misdemeanor offenses such as simple assault, battery, reckless endangering, and breach of peace to be expunged. There is a five (5) year waiting period from the time your sentence is completed and you cannot have plead guilty to any other ineligible misdemeanor offense.

Some non-violent felony convictions that do not involve sexual assault, child victims, abuse, fraud, manufacture of illegal substances, driving while intoxicated, or perjury, may be eligible for expungement after a ten (10) year waiting period from the completion of your sentence. In addition, you must not have had nay other felony convictions.

For juveniles, Wyoming makes the process of expungement a little easier. Your offense must have been a misdemeanor or ordinance violation, and not inovled sexual abuse or any other type of violence. If after you turn twenty-one (21), and if you have no felony convictions, you can petition for expungement.

Unfortunately we do not have any expungement or post-conviction relief attorneys listed for Wyoming. If you know of an attorney that serves Wyoming please contact us.