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At Second Chance Jobs for Felons we want to take the stress out of finding felon-friendly jobs in your area. We understand first-hand the difficulty of not only finding a job, but of finding a job with a criminal conviction.

We don't believe your job search should be so stressful and difficult though. Unlike other job search sites, we only show you jobs that are felon-friendly. These are jobs from companies that hire felons. These are real jobs for felons, from real companies that hire felons.

Unfortunately though, even without a criminal conviction, there is no guarantee of getting hired by any company for any job. There are many things that can impact an employer's hiring decision. Often times when an individual with a criminal record is turned down for a position, it is not necessarily solely related to their criminal record. Most importantly NEVER GIVE UP.

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Glad you asked! Getting started is easy. Simply enter the type of job you are looking for and the city or zip code in the boxes below and click the find jobs button. Seconds later you will have a list of job openings based on your search terms. Don't see one that interests you? Just change your search terms or try the Advanced Search option.

And when you are ready to interview, be sure to review our interview tips for felons so you put your best foot forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other job sites, our search engine gathers jobs from multiple sources across the Internet for job postings. Then, prior to returning the final results to you, we screen each posting to only deliver results that have a higher chance of hiring based on a criminal convictions. We save you time, and frustration, by eliminating jobs most unlikely to hire you. Our goal is to provide you with the most felony friendly jobs.

We understand that the job search process for returning citizens can be stressful and frurstating. We are continuously fine-tuning our search engine to provide you with the best results based on your criteria. It is our goal to only deliver results where the odds of finding a job and being hired are in your favor.

While there is a slight chance there are currently no openings in your area, you should try changing your search terms including keywords, increasing your search radius, trying a different job category.

Yes. You can now save jobs to view later for up-to 30 days in our system. Simply click on the Save Job link and follow the instructions if you do not already have an account.

Yes! You will have the option to save your search and have results emailed to you daily. Each day we will email you the top 10 results from your search. You can save multiple searches and have the results from each emailed to you as well.

Each job posting will either direct you to the company's hiring page or provide further instructions for applying to the position.

Unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees on whether you will be hired for any position. For more information please see our Disclaimer regarding job postings.

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