Job Search Security Center

At Second Chance Jobs for Felons ( we strive to provide a safe and secure environment for you to search for jobs and further your career. This is a ongoing process for us and we cannot do it alone. We therefore ask for your help by keeping some security precautions in mind when conducting your job search through Second Chance Jobs for Felons.

Unfortunately all online companies face the possibility of being targets of scams and fraud. While we make every effort to prevent this type of abuse, we are not immune from such activity. To help you better protect yourself we have compiled the following resources for your review.

Potential Signs of Fraudulent Job Opportunities

  • Unverifiable company information.
  • Require upfront payment for materials or "instructions". Please note that some legitimate companies may require a fee, it is important to fully investigate the company and opportunity.
  • Company is located outside of the United States.
  • Grammatical and/or spelling errors in correspondence from company.
  • Sounds "too good to be true".
  • Correspondence from generic or free online web email addresses.

Protecting Yourself & Your Information

  • Research, research, research.

    Use the Internet, friends/family, and/or government licensing agencies if applicable, to research the company. If the company has posted a phone number contact the company directly to inquire about job details. Knowing everything you can about the company not only protects you, but also can be beneficial if you decide to apply and are invited for an interview. An in-depth knowledge of the company will show you care and will also allow you to ask any unanswered questions you may still have.

  • Is it too good to be true?

    Does the salary seem too high for the position or amount of work? Are they saying work from home for only 4 hours a week and make thousands of dollars?

    If a company is offering a high wage or salary for very few hours of minimal work, it would not be ideal to forward them your personal information. It’s best to investigate before sending any of your information to a potential employer.

  • Be cautious of overseas employers.

    If the company is located outside of the United States, we strongly encourage you to fully research the company. It is important to know who you will report to, how you will interact with the company, what their policies and procedures are, and most importantly when and how you will be paid for your work.

  • Never cash, wire, mail any checks, money order, or cash

    Be cautious of companies that want cash or money upfront to begin business. A company should never require you to wire funds, cash or deposit checks sent to you, or set up a bank account. You should also never accept direct fund transfers to your bank account that are to be immediately wired to another source.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions

    A reputable employer should always be willing to answer any questions regarding a position or job posting. If a job description is limited or vague do not be afraid to reach out and ask questions before applying.

    Some sample questions you may ask include:

    • What will my daily job duties include?
    • What hours will I be required to work?
    • How and when will I be paid?
    • What benefits are offered?
  • Never provide sensitive personal information during the initial application process.

    Only provide personal information such as social security number, driver license number, date of birth, or any other sensitive information after you are sure the employer is reputable and the position is valid. Never place this information directly in your resume.

    Note: Most companies will require your social security number when filling out an actual application. If you are asked to fill out an application online, check to make sure the page is secure (the address bar in the browser should have a padlock icon or be green to indicate it is secure). If you are still unsure you can always contact the employer to determine if there are other method for applying.

Still not sure? Contact our support team at with any of your questions or concerns.