Check Cashing Scams

In "check cashing scam" employment opportunities the company will typically send out job offerings such as "Accounts Receivable Clerk" or "Finance Manager" via email and claim to come from legitimate online job boards.

The job description will require the employee to collect funds from the fraudulent company's customers and transfer the money back to the company or their agent's bank account. Employees are told to do this via wire transfer, ACH transactions, or even personal checks.

In return the company will typically mail the employee a fake check or money order with instructions on how to cash the check or where to transfer the money. The company may also ask the employee to receive a bank transfer or wire transfer or even use an online payment service.

The employee will be told to deposit the funds in their personal bank account, keep a percentage as their "commission", and send the remaining funds via wire transfer immediately to the company. A few days later the employee will find that the check or funds were fraudulent and their personal bank account is now overdrawn. The employee is left with a negative balance or frozen account. In some cases the bank may even take legal action against the account holder whether they knowingly participated or were tricked.

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